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Latest Foot Tattoo Design

Latest Foot Tattoo Design

 Getting a tattoo done is a decision of a lifetime. Of all the various kinds, foot tattoos are gaining in popularity. However, the question that haunts most about foot tattoos is whether foot tattoos pain? To find the answer to the ‘foot tattoos – do they hurt’.Tattooing is an ancient practice that has cultural and religious relevance. However, in recent years it has grown into a popular form of artwork in which a human being lends his body into the deft hands of a tattoo artist, who gives life to his creativity using colorful ink. Although tattoos have been more popularly worn by men, tattoo designs for girls have also seen a lot of innovation and evolution in recent times. From wrist tattoos to tattoo designs for lower back, tattoos are being done on almost every part of the body. Of the various types, foot tattoos are becoming a rage. Know more on tattoos on feet.

Latest Foot Tattoo Design
However, the most pertinent question to deal with here, is ‘foot tattoos – do they hurt?’ Let’s do a reality check in this article with regards to this concern.What is tattooing? Well, it is the process by which a tattoo artist makes designs on the skin by filling ink into it. He does this by making punctures in the skin using needles. Needles, did we say? Then it should hurt! Well, in fact getting a tattoo done, be it one on any body part does hurt. However, the degree of pain that an individual experiences, is relative. It depends upon one’s pain tolerance. However, it is a fact that places on the body that do not have enough muscles or fat tissues hurt more. By this criteria, foot tattoos do hurt more than those done on the upper back and upper arms.

Well it’s true that the pain while getting a tattoo done is relative. However, a first timer, should consider any place other than the foot for getting a tattoo design done. That would give him an idea of how much pain can he tolerate. Nevertheless if a beginner still wants to get a foot tattoo done, he could go for smaller designs like a butterfly tattoo designs or a star (which are popular designs for foot tattoos for ladies) rather than an elaborate flower tattoo design or a design of a dragon. For those who have already got a tattoo done earlier, it would be easier to gauge foot tattoos pain and hence decide on the size of the (foot tattoos) design.In case the pain becomes too much to bear, one can ask the tattoo artist to stop. One can eat or drink during the break. It is important to keep oneself hydrated throughout the process and also during the healing period, as this hastens the healing process and also helps in making the tattooing process proceed smoothly.

New Foot Tattoo Design

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