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Exercises for Natural Breast Enlargement

Exercises for Natural Breast Enlargement

Unlike the recently surfacing trend of using artificial means to increase the size of the breasts, many women still (thankfully) believe in a more natural way of progressing on that road.

There is always a chance of mishap or something going wrong, in case of placement of saline or silicone enlargement caps, used for the enlargement of breasts. However, in case you are pursuing the natural method of enlargement, there are no side effect issues and in the process, your overall health improves too.

Some Natural Breast Enlargement Exercises That Works

Exercises for Natural Breast EnlargementKeep in mind that the natural way of enlargement of breasts via exercises will work differently for different women. It may show varied amount of results in case of different women.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and other edibles that burn too much fat. Also, before and after you start exercising your breasts, massage your breasts often. This will help to improve the blood flow and thus result in enlargement and better health.

Exercises for Natural Breast Enlargement

Push up exercises for women are different from that of men. How is that? Lie face-down on a mat and interlock your ankles. Now push up your body with the help of your hands. Make sure that they are aligned above the line of your breasts and your lower body is supported on your knees.

The knees should be shoulder width apart and try not to bend so much on your arms that they buckle on the opposite side. Now, exhale and lower your body down until you are just inches away from the floor. Inhale and bring your body back to the previous top position. Repeat for 6-8 times and a set of 3.

Finger Lock
Stand straight and extend your arms forward, along the same line as that of your shoulders. Now, buckle the elbows and bring the palms towards your chest. When they are near, interlock your fingers and pull each palm’s fingers outward. Hold this posture for 5 seconds and return to starting position. Perform 8-10 repetitions and a set of 3.
Exercises for Natural Breast Enlargement

This is a fun exercise! Lie down on your back either on a bench or on an exercise ball. Now, extend your arms over your chest, bent slightly at the elbows. It’d be best if you have a dumbbell in each hand. Slowly, exhale and let the hands fall (controllably) at the rear part of your head. As both the hands get parallel to the floor, bring the hands back up to their original position. Repeat 8-10 times and a set of 3.
Exercises for Natural Breast Enlargement

Wall Press
It is another classic women exercise. Stand facing a wall; now, keeping your face towards the wall, take two small steps backwards. You should be around 2 feet away from the wall, quite literally! Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and keep your arms (bent slightly at the elbows) on the wall.

Exercises for Natural Breast Enlargement
See to it that the elbows are bent closer to your body, comparatively. Now slowly bring your breast towards the wall, while bending on the elbows and exhaling. Then, push away from the wall and to your original position, while inhaling. Repeat for 8-10 times and a set of 3.

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