Thursday, May 17, 2012

Karishma Kapoor decides to put an end to her shaky marriage!

Karishma Kapoor, husband sanjay kapoor

Karishma Kapoor, husband sanjay kapoor

Karishma Kapoor, husband sanjay kapoor with Child
Karishma Kapoor has now decided to put an end to her shaky marriage. She has realized that her married life with the Delhi based businessman Sanjay Kapoor is not going to last long how hard she tries and has seemingly filed for divorce. Her life has seen an upside down position since the actress had tried to save it but now she had decided without any fluctuation to end that particular chapter of her life as she is going to achieve new heights in her film career.
She seems very pleased with her yet to begin film with Vikram Bhatt, ‘Dangerous Ishq’ and she plans to get fully involved in her future projects leaving behind her past.
She thinks that she can take care of the kids well while working and is not going to let her kids fall as a barrier to her divorce which she has filed very recently. She had tried very hard to reconcile her relationship with her husband but it didn’t work out. She had warned her husband several times to get over with his extra-marital affairs.
Even her family had tried hard to set things right but the flirty and playboy nature of Sanjay Kapoor had dominated every effort. This is when they finally separate and Karishma had filed for the divorce.

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