Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shahid Kapoor's female stalker alleges to be his wife!

Shahid Kapoor
A female stalker managed to dodge security and get up to Shahid Kapoor’s doorstep claiming to be his wife. The girl in her early 30’s has been known to follow Shahid after shooting hours and intended to meet with him. She is the daughter of a yesteryear's iconic actor.
The woman lives in the neighboring building. Shahid had been concerned enough to understand the sensitivity of the matter and had been ignoring the incidents so far before the situation got a little too far from his tolerance level. She scaled the boundary wall, bypassed the security and landed on Shahid’s doorstep which is on the 13th floor of Rajega Classique. She began thumping the door heavily wishing to meet with him. Shahid, recognizing her voice called security which escorted the woman away.
The woman is known to have a very disturbed life after her father’s death and couldn’t ever recover from the trauma. She had also faced a professional backdrop which proved to be her lifelong disappointment. She had started her career in films by starring as a B-grade actress which had blown afterwards. Considering her father’s background, Shahid refused to even comment on the matter. Not only that, he even refused to disclose the identity of the woman.

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