Thursday, June 21, 2012

Emraan is ready to romance with Vidya Balan in Mumbai monsoon!

Vidya Balan, Emraan Hashmi

Vidya Balan, Emraan Hashmi
‘Ghanchakkar’ starring Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi, has been preponed by a month. The director of the film, Rajkumar Gupta, is currently on top of the world as his wish of capturing the two actors romancing in the Mumbai monsoon, finally comes true.
Originally, due to Emraan’s time constraints, the shooting was supposed to begin in September.
Gupta told, “I had originally planned an August schedule. And Vidya, who is at the moment doing no other movie, was completely one with my film’s schedule. But Emraan was busy promoting Raaz 3 in August as the movie was supposed to release at the end of August.”
He further added, “But now I believe ‘Raaz 3 has been pushed forward, so I got the window to shoot the scenes that I wanted. I guess I am just lucky. The whole idea is to capture Vidya and Emraan with secret cameras, on the rain-soaked streets of Mumbai. However, this requires a lot of courage. I agree. But both are used to shooting in the crowded outdoors. If Vidya could brave the Kolkata crowds in Kahaani and the Delhi crowd in my film No One Killed Jessica, then Mumbai would be a cakewalk in comparison.”
“The important thing is god has been generous. Thanks to Emraan’s reshuffled appointment diary, I’m able to shoot as and when I had originally planned,” he told.
The movie is most likely to release in the first quarter of 2013.

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