Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Celebrities hairstyles - Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler and Ice Cube Shine

Celebrity Hair Secret: Liv Tyler’s hairstylist Tina Cassaday uses a fresh-from-the-freezer ice cube and rubs it up and down the hair shaft to create shine.

The ice cube chills the hair, thus sealing the cuticle which makes hair gleam.

How cheap and easy is this celebrity hair secret!

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is how Sedu made the Hair Style happen

The Sedu Story

Sedu Hair Styles Seductively Straight Seductively Sexy Straight Hair Styles

Dennis Huang, the brand manager for the Sedu line, says that the Sedu Flat irons are made from Tourmaline, a precious stone. This stone was an intelligent choice as it generates up to 6 times more negative ions upon heating than traditional

The extra negative ions along with gentle far-infrared heat guarantee soft, smooth, frizz-free silky straight hair without heat damage.In addition, Sedu’s patented ultra-smooth plates guarantee smooth straightening motion without pulling, snagging, or breaking the hair Today, The Sedu product line is packed with a wide assortment of hair tools, ranging, from sophisticated contemporary designs to those with functional efficiency.

Sedu Hair Styles Seductively Straight Seductively Sexy Straight Hair Styles Sedu is indeed, seductively meeting their mission!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Reasons to Use the Sedu Flat Iron

By: Jared Winston

People have always had to deal with physical limitations of the ways in which they can style their overall appearance. One of the greatest examples of this is human hair. Many people are discontent with the way their hair naturally looks, which leads people to attempt all manners of processes to change the appearance of their hair, one way or another.

Many of these methods are difficult, time consuming, and all around expensive. However, over time, technology has advanced in the areas of hair care products, making it possible for people to change the look of their hair faster and more easily than ever before. At the pinnacle of these technological advances is the Sedu flat iron. And perhaps the most important advantage of the Sedu flat iron is that it is far less expensive than regular visits to a hair stylist, while producing many of the same results.

There are a number of features that set the Sedu flat iron apart from other hair care products. First and foremost, it has a great deal of flexibility. In fact, it can be used on virtually any type of hair at all and still produce remarkable, beautiful results quickly and easily. How is this possible, one might ask? Well, unlike most other flat irons, which have only one or two different temperature settings, the Sedu iron has a dial which allows the user to carefully fine tune the temperature of the iron to best suit the need of their own specific hair type. This means that you will never need to do guess work as to what sort of results you iron will give you for any given hair type, and there will be no searching the market for an iron designed for you hair.

The real secret to the wonderful results that the Sedu flat iron can give is not the temperature controls, though. Rather, it is something a bit less obvious at a casual glance, but equally or, in fact, probably even more important than the ability to tune the temperature at will. This, of course, is the specially designed heated plates which are used to straighten the hair itself.

These are composed of Ceramic and Tourmaline, which yields vastly better results than one can expect from an iron that uses ceramic plates alone. This means that you can always expect great results from your Sedu flat iron, no matter what hair type you have, and all at a price that is definitely not out of most peoples’ price range. So, the next time you are considering spending a great deal of money to go to a hair salon for your new hairdo, you may want to think again.

Why go to all the trouble and expense of a hair salon when a Sedu flat iron will give you beautiful, straight hair in no time flat, pardon the pun? There's a good chance that if you went to a hair salon, the stylist would use a Sedu iron on your hair anyway!

Copyright © Jared Winston, 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Celebrity hairstyles: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is best known as TV's Dark Angel (2000-02, produced by James Cameron) and as Sue Storm in the movie version of The Fantastic Four (2005, starring Michael Chiklis). Alba began working in front of the camera in the mid-1990s, appearing in television commercials and small roles in feature films. She had a recurring role in the Nickelodeon series The Secret World of Alex Mack, followed by her first starring role in the 1995 series Flipper.

In 1999 she scored a double whammy with appearances in the teen-friendly films Never Been Kissed and Idle Hands, and filmmaker Cameron cast her as one of the leads in his project for television, Dark Angel. Since then she has worked mostly in feature films, usually playing a tough-but-vulnerable babe, as in Honey (2003, with Lil' Romeo) and in the film version of Frank Miller's Sin City (2005, with Bruce Willis). Alba's other films include The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) and Into the Blue (2005, with Paul Walker).

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sedu Hair Style: Sexy Seductively Straight

Seductively Sexy Straight Hair Styles ......

That's quite the title, but the Sedu flat iron is quite the product! This is the flat iron being used world wide to smooth and straighten even the most course and frizzy hair.

How did this all start?
The Sedu Story Sedu evolved from the original mission statement of the company Sedu, to" transform every Non hairless female species on the planet into a Seductive beauty,"Sedu" for short. When US Salon Magazine decided to poll hairstylist from around the world as to their preferred hair straightening equipment, these qualified professionals rated the Sedu flat iron hair straightener the best.

Sedu, first established 1991, now known as one of leading Hair Beauty companies in the worldwide professional beauty circle, the favorite preferred by top hair stylists around the world and of all home users.

If Sedu can accomplish that in just 14 short years, Can you imagine what it can do for your Sedu Hair Styles in under 20 minutes!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Celebrity Hairstyles - Jessica Simpson

What are the best Celebrity Hair Secrets?

Celebrities, like Jessica Simpson, are lucky. They have the best hairstylists in the industry waiting at their beck and call. If they would like to change their hair color or try a new hair style or length for their latest red carpet gala or movie role, then it's as easy as asking.

They never have to worry about bad hair days with the plethora of "best products" and "best techniques" at their disposal. Well, most of us don't have access to a hairstylist more than once a month (if we're even that lucky). So why not learn how to become your own personal hair expert.

The following celebrity hair secrets will give you the know how on all the best hair products and techniques so you too can create celebrity hair worthy of the red carpet!

Glamorous hair is not just for celebrities anymore! Here are some fabulous Celebrity Hair Secrets. There are plenty more to be found in the many fabulous celebrity hair secret articles listed below them.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (V)

By Lolaness

Sedu Hairstyle Five: Sexy Waves

Most of us with frizzy hair love the straight look, but can never get past the thought that the curls would be better if they just didn’t become so uncontrollable. With this hairstyle, you get the controlled look of straight hair, while putting some of the curl back in a sexy, refined manner.Begin with clean, wet hair and work a small amount of foam or mousse evenly throughout your hair for volume.

Then, blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush and high heat.Once thoroughly dry, straighten your hair and allow it to cool, spritzing a small amount of hair spray to hold the curls about to come. When your tresses have cooled off, divide them into several sections and wrap each section around the curling iron in different directions (you don't want every curl going the same direction or you'll never get rid of the spit-curl look without re-styling).

Make sure you are curling only the bottom area of each section; if you curl the sections all the way up, you'll lose the straight sleekness of this look completely.Let the curls stand to cool completely. Spritz lightly once more, and then separate the curls with a pick or using your fingers. Enjoy your hair.

The styles we frame our faces with say a lot about who we are, and speak volumes about our personality. Looking good feels good, right? So look your best and never forget your one-of-a-kind smile.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

How to Choose the Best Hair Stylist for Your Sedu Hairstyle?

By: Mary Anne Lionel

Every now and then we have to choose something in our lives. It may be a dress, a car, or a job place. Nevertheless, all the time we want to secure ourselves from the mistakes that can ruin our good mood, or health.Among all our choices, choosing a stylist is one of the most important. Why is it so? Because a stylist creates your image, the way people think about you when they meet you. Good stylist can help you get something, OR someone you want.

Moreover, a good stylist is always on top of the fashion news and knows all latest trends. So, if you choose a stylist correctly, you will be able to get any hair style you want, including the hottest ones, like Sedu hairstyles.Sedu hairstyles are not only the style number-one in the spring-summer season 2006, they are extremely demanding as to the skills of the stylist. So, if you want to have Sedu hairstyle, you should have the best hairstylist you can get.Here are some useful tips about what should you look at when choosing a stylist.

Tip #1:
Ask for recommendations

The easiest way of finding a stylist is asking some one whose style you like where they have got such a brilliant haircut. People are usually so intrigued about being noticed that they are only too glad to share the information.There are two options of asking people the address of the stylist:
1. You may ask a friend, relative, or coworker about the stylist;
2. You may simply bump into some one with a good haircut in the street and ask the address of their stylist.Some people believe that friend or coworker may give you false information so that the stylist won’t slip you some of the secrets he/she have heard from your friend or coworker. But I believe that it is utter nonsense. Your friends obviously won’t tell the stylist something they haven’t already told you. In the same way, coworker knows very little about you as well as you do about him. So, there is very small possibility that you will hear bad things about you.

Moreover, good stylist should remain silent about the information he/she heard from his clients. In this meaning he/she plays the part of a priest in confession. Not to mention, that a good stylist cares about his/her reputation that includes the ability to hold their tongues.

Learn the salon from inside out

When you have finally found the salon, you should learn more about its staff, its services and overall reputation.

You need to do the following steps:
1. Study the salon from outside;
2. Look carefully how customers are treated in the salon;
3. Learn whether the salon have some training programs for stylists to be at their top form;
4. Try to sit in the reception area to know how the business is running;
5. The general customer-friendly appearance is the main thing about the good salon.

Get personally acquainted with the stylist

Times when in the city or town was only one barber are in the misty past. Today good salon usually has from three to whatever number of stylists. All of them should have the same skills, representing the working traditions of the salon and its level of service.Usually you should be able come to any of the stylists in the salon, and the level of the work will be the same.There is also very simple test of the stylist’s skills. Come to a stylist when he/she isn’t doing anything and ask to show his/her razor. If it isn’t in their tool belt or on their station ready for use, turn and go.Good stylist should have all his/her instruments at hand. This shows that he/she respects your time and his/her time, and is always ready to do the job.

Discuss your future haircut

When you’ve finally decided about some particular salon and have booked an appointment, you need to have a thorough consultation with the stylist about the following topics:

• Your face shape;
• Your hair type;
• Maintenance of your hair;
• Your abilities to style at home;
• What you like about your hair;
• What you don’t like about it;
• Length you’re expecting to lose during the cut.Such keypoints indicate main difficulties you should overcome by doing a haircut.

If the stylists makes 5 minute monologue about how he/she thinks you should cut your hair without listening to your thoughts, turn around and go. Don’t allow to be talked into something you don’t like.

Tip #5:
Make sure you’re getting the haircut you want

When you’ve discussed the haircut and decided upon something particular, watch how the stylist makes a cut. Good stylist will automatically ask you about the length BEFORE he/she starts the cut.If you see that the haircut appearing is not what you’ve discussed with the stylist, don’t be afraid to stop the process immediately and have another discussion. By this you secure that the stylists understands you correctly, and you will have the hairstyle you want.If the stylists makes the same mistakes when you come for the second time, don’t hesitate and go to another salon.

Study your feelings during the haircut

This one is very important, as the main thing about new haircut is a good mood. You may call me superstitious, but I believe that if you feel comfortable during the haircut your hair will be healthier and stronger.If you feel one hundred percent comfortable during the cut, and no single hair is pulled down and no water splashes ruin your make-up, then the stylist is pro and you are lucky to find him/her.

So, let’s look through our tips once more to be sure we haven’t missed something.To find a stylist you need:

• To find s good salon;
• To look how the salon is run;
• To check customer service;
• To study carefully stylists’ skills in the salon;
• To be sure that the pre-cut discussion is dialogue where you speak and listen to some advice;
• To see that the cut is done in the way you want it look like;
• To feel comfortable during the cut.

Now you are prepared to find the best stylist possible and have the exact haircut you want. You are now entirely sure that you will have absolutely Sedu hairstyle with the skilled and professional hair stylist.

Mary Anne Lionel is the hair care consultant of who helps people with hair problems to discover new ways of revealing their hair health. Visit Mary Anne’s web log at

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (IV)

By Lolaness

Sedu Hairstyle Four: Sleek Side-Part

Totally glam, this sleek hairstyle is very popular with the young and trendy woman with a keen sense of fashion. Also easy to achieve in less than 5 minutes, it just might become one of your favorite hairstyles.

Begin with clean, wet hair. Comb styling gel through it, making sure to really evenly disperse the gel from roots to tips.

Blow-dry on high heat and straighten the hair.

Apply a very small amount of pomade or styling wax to the hair for texture. Part your hair to the side, following the 'line' of where the outside corner of your eye is. Starting with the high part at the crown of your head, comb the front section of your hair forward, over your forehead. Use fingertips and a pick or comb to shape the rest of your hair into place, remembering to leave a messy feel to its look.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What celebrity sedu hairstyles will flatter you?

Author: david smith

We all have different wants and needs from the hairstyles that we choose. Some of us love the look of curls and others wish ourselves to sleep each night for that perfect head of straight hair.

The odd thing is that most of us are wishing for the opposite of what we were born with, that is why there are inventions like the curling iron and the Sedu hair iron. With the Sedu iron you can have the hottest and most attractive celebrity Sedu hairstyles in just a few minutes and you can create these looks all on your own. You will not need to employ an expensive hairdresser to make your Sedu celebrity hairstyles and that means that you will save a bundle right off the bat.

There is a wide range of different Sedu celebrity hair styles. You have the Jessica Simpson Sedu hairstyles, the Jennifer Aniston Sedu straight styles as well as the Jennifer Lopez Sedu. All of these women are gorgeous and all of them have the most amazing looking hair. It looks like it would feel soft and silky to the touch and it would, do you know why that is? It is because they have all discovered the wonders of the Sedu iron. This simple hair straightener is going to change the way you look to yourself and to everyone else around you.

From now on you will be the girl with the fabulous hair, or the girl who always looks like she just came from a magazine shoot. That is what people will say about you when you are creating your own Sedu celebrity hair styles every day. If you told people how little time it took to get your hair to look like that each day they wouldn't believe you, that is how great you are going to look with the different Sedu celebrity hairstyles.

We all want to look out best but it is so hard to find good products these days. We live in a society that is so busy all of the time and it is hard to find the time to eat two meals a day and slap on some lipstick never mind style our hair. That is why the Sedu flat iron has been welcomed so heartily. Everyone can use this device and they can do it quickly and easily. You can find all kinds of great tips online that will help you to learn the different techniques available with the iron and all of them will be able to be used to create the best Sedu celebrity hair styles.

These will allow you to experiment with all kinds of different looks, which is fun and useful. You will be able to take your look from day to night in a flash and it will all be due to the wonders of the Sedu flattening iron. So get one for yourself and start trying all kinds of cool new Sedu celebrity hairstyles today!

For more information about the hottest Celebrity Sedu Hairstyle Trends, Celebrity Sedu Hairstyle photos & Discounts, go to: Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles

"Talia Phillips is a professional writer and researcher. To view more of her work, please go to: Celebrity Sedu,Sedu Hairstyles &Ear Stapling."

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (III)

By Lolaness

Sedu Hairstyle Three: Sleek FlipGetting the feeling that these hairstyles are just too easy?

They really are, which is part of the beauty behind being able to use a styling tool that makes your hair straight and smooth. With the flip, you get the best of both worlds; a sleek, smooth cascade of hair that ends in a flirtatious flip at the ends, adding some of the body back into the look of your 'do.To achieve this ultra-quick style, start with wet, clean hair.

Work a palm-sized amount of styling mousse into your hair, beginning at the roots and ending at the tips. Part your hair on one side, just slightly off-center.Using a large, round brush, blow-dry your hair on high heat. Work the brush through your hair in long, downward sweeps as you dry it. Once it is fully dried, apply a very small amount of pomade to the hair and straighten it.

Comb your hair away from your face, smoothing it down. Use a curling iron on high heat to curl the ends up. You might want to use just a touch of hair spray to hold the ends in place.