Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tattooed Poets Project: Vicki Iorio

We're kicking off this year's Tattooed Poets Project with a tattoo that seems, ahem, apropos-etic:

This poetic foot belongs to Vicki Iorio, a New York poet. She explains the tattoo:

"My group of Long Island poets have the pleasure of reading at the Wyld Chyld Cafe and Tattoo Parlor in Merrick, NY. I watched Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, the poet laureate of Suffolk County get "poet" tattooed across her shoulder blades. [Tammy will be appearing on the site later this month.] She recited poetry while her back was bleeding, I knew at that moment I would have to get one!
It was a cold January night, Sixx tattooed my right foot with a beautiful scripted "poet." It was a beautiful moment and I love my tat and all it signifies. A slew of woman poets have been tattooed by Sixx. A tattooed sisterhood, indeed."
Here is a poem from Vicki:

Tattoo 56
I will get a tattoo next birthday
no one will care
it won't be like birthday 13
when I dyed my hair purple on a shoplift heist
shaved off eyebrows
pierced frozen ears with a needle
hacked off bushy black fur under stockings

I will find an illustrated man
his head bald and shiny
eyes so blue I will see straight through
to his good heart, diamond stud in one ear
massive arms shocking to the touch.

My spider will go willingly to his fly.
I will tell him what I want
where I want it.

After validating plastic worth,
my pirate will lead me to his table
gift me with little hurts
celebrate me electrically
wrap me in gauze
sing the praises of Bacitracin
wish me a happy birthday.


Vicki Iorio is a Long Island poet who hangs around tattoo parlors. Her poems have been published in various publications including hell strung and crooked. She is saving up for another tattoo!

Thanks to Vicki for sharing her poetic tattoo and tattoo poem with us here on Tattoosday!

This entry is ©2011 Tattoosday.

If you are reading this on another web site other than Tattoosday, without attribution, please note that it has been copied without the author's permission and is in violation of copyright laws. Please feel free to visit and read our original content. Please let me know if you saw this elsewhere so I contact the webmaster of the offending site and advise them of this violation in their Terms of Use Agreement.

Bridal Jewelery Collection

Bridal Jewellery Collection, Bridal Jewelery, Jewelery for girls, Jewelery photo, Jewelery image, Jewelery

Bridal Jewellery Collection, Bridal Jewelery, Jewelery for girls, Jewelery photo, Jewelery image, Jewelery

Bridal Jewellery Collection, Bridal Jewelery, Jewelery for girls, Jewelery photo, Jewelery image, Jewelery

Bridal Jewellery Collection, Bridal Jewelery, Jewelery for girls, Jewelery photo, Jewelery image, Jewelery

Bridal Jewellery Collection, Bridal Jewelery, Jewelery for girls, Jewelery photo, Jewelery image, Jewelery

It is present since the day when they were children. The beautiful white dress with a train long, pale roses of Baby's Breath, or perhaps something deeper, like a wedding dress sexy and fabulous tropical flowers all around!

The three-layer cake with vanilla ice cream with the beautiful bride and groom figurines or a funky wedding cakes and a chocolate fountain hired covered, to keep customers happy.

And now that the wedding day approaches you have found the dress, bouquet designed and ordered her cake. It is now time to add a little gloss.

What I want is to find the perfect wedding jewelry unique pop of his beautiful dress.

We all know that when it comes to jewelry is always a very personal decision.

Note that the time may be before the wedding of their female support network, sometimes the lines are on one or two of them are too stubborn and controlling, we must not forget that you wear dresses and wedding jewelry.

Therefore, everything needs to fit your personality and your look .... Not her!

Obviously the most important pieces of jewelry are rings, but not the declaration of a beautiful pair of earrings, a necklace or bracelet.

In his mind is his own set of wedding jewelry the finishing touch that you look and feel like a princess does.

Today is the election with great wedding jewelry available that integrates quality sterling silver with unique materials such as wood, glass, resin, enamel, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Like all aspects of dedicated planning the perfect wedding, you think of wedding jewelry in addition to its general theme and location of your wedding and reception.

For a traditional look to fit your theme traditional beads, jewelry delicate and subtle and elegant bracelets and chains. Sweet and matching earrings with exquisite sets of glass beads and jewelry wedding in different colors: pink, white and cream.

If your style is more contemporary, then maybe if you feel like glass spiral earrings are a modern version of an old trend. Or perhaps a touch of color, you can tow a trailer candy blue, lavender or pink. Contemporary coffee with cream pendant matching earrings are one of my favorites.

And if your imagination is a wedding on the beach, you can end your summer look with a pair of earrings Daisy connected to the trailer.

Dragonfly earrings are beautiful, inspired by nature with the essence of summer - it is silver earrings with pearl accent cake. The collection includes a pendant bubble game.

These are just some ideas for unique wedding jewelry to make you fabulous on your special day.
After completion of his own eyes never forget other important people that make your special day to help your bridesmaids.

You can choose something special for everyone or for all these, a little wear on the day and cherish forever. Some ideas are just pink silver earrings, pearl bracelet with a waterfall, or maybe a butterfly necklace.

The major influence on all of these options should Jewellery a combination of the personalities of users, issues of marriage and stylish.

Lipstick for Beautiful Lips

Beautiful Lips, Lipstick, Girls Lips, Girls Lips Fashion, Beauty tips, New Lipstick

Beautiful Lips, Lipstick, Girls Lips, Girls Lips Fashion, Beauty tips, New Lipstick

Beautiful Lips, Lipstick, Girls Lips, Girls Lips Fashion, Beauty tips, New Lipstick
Beautiful Lips, Lipstick, Girls Lips, Girls Lips Fashion, Beauty tips, New Lipstick

Beautiful Lips, Lipstick, Girls Lips, Girls Lips Fashion, Beauty tips, New Lipstick

The make-up industry is full of lipstick with different properties, color and quality. It can be difficult to know what kind of lipstick to buy and what sounds are very popular. If you are looking for a new lipstick, then sold some products, the search can help you. These lipsticks are the perfect color, excellent quality and great name. The use of lipstick, you feel ultra glamorous and a purchase that you feel dizzy and makes fabulous. If you like shopping and know the excitement that come to buy something can be as small as a piece of make-up. Lipstick is an important part of the face and that is something of a dress to be seen and appreciated when you look in the mirror. The quality of the lipstick may be the hard way, as shown, hydrates the lips and to what extent it is not in things such as cups and teeth.

Nars makes the lipstick that is pure and creamy. The colors are bolder and brighter and let your imagination. Provides vitamin E to know that you lose your lips, and spread. You can find this brand in semi-matte, the lips look full and moist helps in research. Guerlain has a lipstick that is unique and inspiring. It masks the lipstick on a case in Paris, the fashion and looks very promising. They love to leave lipstick comes out of his holster. Inside the powder of ruby, with sunlight and mirrors to interact and create a good sound.

Professional make-up is always a lipstick that of many professionals because, as she and the longevity of it is used. The product may differ in natural-looking and sexy. It is the pearl, a silky, creamy and glossy, transparent, that seems very simple, or kill, has an intense color and fun.  Kat Von D was inspired lipstick and created the stars of the reality itself. Is a bright red sign, in fact drives all the time. He can come in a variety of shade or color of blood, etc.. The luxury black hose and white was inspired by his tattoos and is very elegant and feminine.

Bare Essentials is a lipstick that is selling very well at the moment. Many people like the way made with natural ingredients and is free of things like parabens and sulfates and other chemicals. Instead, it contains a wealth of plant extracts, waxes and essential oils. Provides a layer of moisturizer on the lips to make them healthier the more you use it. It is known, of long duration and with it the scent of lavender might be just nice and quiet for most of their stress.These lipsticks will not miss the experience of the lipstick you want to create all along. They give you the perfect combination of quality and luxury with style and fun colors. If you never say in front of a designer lipstick, then you will be surprised how much they might bring to his lips. The purchase of a lipstick Bestseller You know a product that uses very popular and because it is a blast now

Beauty Tips

Flutter your Eyelashes

Eyelids not only for Beauty they are gifts that Mother Nature gave us to protect and shield our eyes from dust and other foreign bodies. And because we communicate a lot with our eyes, our eyelashes help us put color and meaning to our words with the way we flutter and bat our eyelashes.
It would be more effective, we do not have to be born with long and thick eyelashes to be able to have seductive-looking eyes, though. After all, what is makeup for? All it takes is the touch of the magical mascara wand.
Mascara does magic and play very important role for our lashes as long as it is correctly applied, in such a way that there are no globs of the stuff clinging to our lashes and that each strand is separated from the other. Nothing ruins the effect of mascara than globs and lash strands clumped together.
Apply the mascara to the base of the lashes with the mascara wand and then give the wand a wiggle. Afterwards, carefully brush the mascara to the ends of the lashes with the use of a lash comb and then just wipe the excess mascara from your wand with a piece of tissue before touching it to your lashes.

Flutter your Eyelashes
Don’t use mascara in bad way please carefully and second thing is that the eye cream or the concealer used is oil-based and still wet.
You can prevent the smudging by applying powder first onto your lower eyelids before putting on the mascara. Also, try not to blink while putting the mascara on, or else it will definitely stick to your eyelids rather than to your lashes.
Do use your lash curlers before putting on your mascara, not after. If you are thinking of applying a second coat, better do it before the first coat dries.
Eye lash curler work more effectively and not to heat your curlers too much be careful.
To make sure that you have your lashes fully covered, it is best that you use a mascara wand that is short and thin. Short and wands let you reach those corner lashes; it also gives you extra control in handling it.Keep your wands clean at all times, The best mascara results come from using clean wands.

Latest Hair Bands

Hair Bands, Hair Accessories, Girls fashion, latest hair bands

Hair Bands, Hair Accessories, Girls fashion, latest hair bands

Hair Bands, Hair Accessories, Girls fashion, latest hair bands
Hair Bands, Hair Accessories, Girls fashion, latest hair bands

Girls of all ages are very special with their physical appearance. Actually, some girls can not go outside their homes without combing their hair or wearing a hair accessory like a headband or a needle. But there are times when a young girl is confused about what accessories to use and end on silly out with the wrong choice of hair accessories.

A rule in fashion that most of our practice is to use something that is just a necessary and good for our age and personality to wear. The same rule applies to joint selection of hair accessories for girls.

Some girls have short hair, while others sport a long hairstyle. Bows, headbands and clips are ideal for short styles, and elastic holders for ponytails as Scrunchies are great to use on long hair. Scrunchies are also good for a sporty girl to wear if they participate in sports at school, so her hair should be kept clean and in control.

These hair accessories, conversely, is not only limited to a particular hairstyle. Actually, each accessory being prosecuted on various other hair dos. For example, an elastic ponytail used a ponytail or pigtails on one or both sides of the head. Bright colors hair accessories are most appropriate for young girls. Her accessories with designs such as butterflies, flowers and hearts suitable for girls.

Mothers may choose to a number of well-designed hair accessories buy and decorative accessories such as preference of the daughters. There are readily available at craft items such as small flowers and beads that can be glued to the hair accessories like head bands. Moreover, young girls with their mothers enjoy a bonding moment while the young girl hair accessories, ribbon, beads, pins and arcs.

If there is anyone who can coach a girl in creating a good image for themselves during the pre-teen years, it's probably her mom. No mother wants her young daughter to look particularly confused when going to school. Some mothers even bring the style of their teenage daughters just to make sure that they will look presentable.

Part of the care lesson to teach young girls is her place. But it is not just limited to a simple combing hair or tie. Besides being clean, a girl can also be fashionable with the correct selection of hair accessories. Clips, tacks and pins can be placed on well combed hair, either at the sides or the top left. Headbands You can help keep hair away from her face. There is elastic and a ponytail or braid can protect.

At a young age, girls should be taught what their products. These products should not cause damage to the hair of the girl, but only to the hair looks good hair mousse and hair conditioner allows us to improve.

Fashion Polo Shirts For Mens

Shirts For Mens, T Shirts, Men Fashion, Fashion polo shirt

Shirts For Mens, T Shirts, Men Fashion, Fashion polo shirt

Shirts For Mens, T Shirts, Men Fashion, Fashion polo shirt

Shirts For Mens, T Shirts, Men Fashion, Fashion polo shirt

All men have a shirt in the closet. Actually, they probably have more than one. Polo is one of the most versatile garments you'll ever own. You can wear it if you need anything, or if you need something casual elegance. When polo shirt that you want to ensure that the right choice for your purchase choice, there are many different ones available. Some people will require some respond better than others. Cotton shirt is ideal for occasional use, but not really a good choice if you're really active.

Polo Cotton is probably the best choice for everyday activities, but are also suitable to wear to the office. They are very comfortable and really breathe. There are several things you should consider if you think t-shirt. The biggest problem is that you almost certainly have to iron shirts than you can bear. They also tend to dye and fade more easily than other shirts with short sleeves. They also tend to be heavier than other options so they are not the best choice for active people in the world. If you buy a t-shirt will be closely monitored, and if it is pre-reduced or not seen. If you do not have to make sure that you have a size that allows the precipitation that occurs when you select a car wash.

Jersey knit polo shirt is the next step in quality and price. A combination of cotton and polyester used to create them. The actual level of polyester may vary, but a higher percentage, the lighter shirt. These tend to be more practical than cotton shirts, because they generally do not have to iron, you can usually just wash and go.

Silk blend of silk shirts to add to the mix of cotton and polyester. This has resulted in a shirt that almost never need ironing, but it looks fun. They have a very smooth appearance to look like a pressed shirt. This makes them a great opportunity to get more events or prepared for, because it seems more like a shirt.

Knitted sports shirts are top choices, they are mostly made of nylon. As the name suggests, are intended primarily for use during physical activity. They are very simple and is made of material that actually breathe. They are also resistant to water. Sports-knit sweater will never have to be ironed, and they generally will not fade or stain, so they are very strong and practical. The only drawback is that their light weight means they are not good for colder weather.

Tattoos I Know: Beth's Ink Ushers in the New Baseball Season

Well, folks, it's March 31, which means several things, First and foremost, after a long, cold winter, and a rough start to spring, baseball season starts today. And although, the last time I checked, there was a 70% chance of rain for the New York Yankees home opener against the Detroit Tigers today, baseball fans everywhere are just a tad excited that their team's 162 game-long drama is about to begin.

So, it seemed fitting that we share this tattoo, belonging to our cousin Beth:

Photo by Melanie Cohen

Beth is a diehard Yankees fan and she got this inked on September 16, 2005. For the record, the Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays north of the border that day 11-10 thanks, in part, to two Robinson Cano home runs and Mariano Rivera's 40th save of the year.

This is one of Beth's three tattoos, a fact not lost on me, as I have been wanting to post her ink on the site ever since we started back in 2007. However, we just never got around to it and this photo was shot last June in New Jersey by my wife, Melanie, at another cousin's baby shower. I thought, at the time, that we would save this picture for the day the Yankees won the World Series, but last year that ambition fell short in the ALCS. So we saved it for Opening Day, instead.

The tattoo was done by Thomi Hawk at K & B Tattooing & Piercing in Hightstown, New Jersey.

I should also add that, back in August 2007, I was sitting in my seat at PNC Bank Arts Center, between sets, when I noticed a very similar tattoo several rows ahead of me. I thought, "Man, that tattoo looks just like Beth's, and in the same spot [on her upper right back] too!" Of course, it was Beth, and we were both unaware that we were attending the show. And to think I spotted her in all that humanity by noticing her tattoo!

I mentioned at the top of the post that it being March 31, meant several things. Aside from Opening Day, it's also opening day for the inkspotting season, as far as I'm concerned. Posts have been few and far between over the past few months and that's about to change. Tomorrow begins National Poetry Month, and we will be embarking on our third annual Tattooed Poets Project: 30 days of tattoos from poets across the country. And, I will assume, that I'll be having regular Tattoosday encounters, which will reappear in May, throughout the month.

Play ball!

Thanks again to Beth for sharing her cool patriotic Yankees tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!


This entry is ©2011 Tattoosday.

If you are reading this on another web site other than Tattoosday, without attribution, please note that it has been copied without the author's permission and is in violation of copyright laws. Please feel free to visit and read our original content. Please let me know if you saw this elsewhere so I contact the webmaster of the offending site and advise them of this violation in their Terms of Use Agreement.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fashion Watches for Women

Fashion Watches for Women

Watches for Women, Wrist Watches, new Watches fashion

Watches for Women, Wrist Watches, new Watches fashion

Watches for Women, Wrist Watches, new Watches fashion

Watches for Women, Wrist Watches, new Watches fashion

Watches for Women, Wrist Watches, new Watches fashion

           Originally watches were bulky and heavy items will continue to come. But over time you would think that this program will one day watching a small portable piece you can wear and carry the shape of the watch should be. The creation and subsequent women watches makes it easier and simpler for busy women to continue their activities and always accurate.

In 1868, Patek Phillips invented the first woman watches. Many people in those days wore watches and Phillips is very proud. After Phillips was Louis Cartier watches. The watch has diamonds and even gold bracelet. This type of clock was popular in 1911 due to high demand of people; they have mass production of Cartier.

If the first pulse of the market, it is usually made of a round shape. However, as the years passed, the design has changed in many different styles and shapes available. Different types of watches are still a clock is Army strong wind, so every military personnel. That was in 1914 when the first alarm clock was invented and produced for mass audiences. The first alarm clock function is implemented this year.

Furthermore, in 1920, is the first Rolex and it is produced. He did not stop at this point, changes the clock for him to be held until 1923 comes with Auto Clock and public. It was a big hit, and most people at that time by the company that wants to own one of these watches are automatic. Surprisingly, even the military got their hands with automatic watches and wants to achieve.

American soldiers also automatically watches from manufacturers like Hamilton, were Omega, Breitling, and in 1946, and during the war. And the thing is much better if after 10 years from 1956, the first watch battery is made and come in different shops. Oral production of batteries, watches and after one year came from another company and provide electric clock, which was produced by Hamilton.

Moreover, as over the years with advances in technology, the watch is still improving, and many features are added. If at that time, the watch can tell time, can now be used as a stopwatch, what time do you spend on the range and more to tell? Some watches are solar and tells the time by mobile phone. You might be surprised in the coming years; the watch is very different now. Thanks to endless advances in technology, it is likely that the typical clock is more modern and in the future.

The fact is that several ladies watches have always been a favorite since it was the first time and presented to the public. And while this year is always with us in many new styles and designs that keep his legacy. Even to develop, and really changed much from the first time this is done, but the clock is really a great discovery and change it will always be the same that tells us whether it's time for digital or analog, modern or classic, casual or dress type all have the same purpose. It may be in design, style, or you otherwise, but it is the same type of service need and with this piece of equipment, we always know the value of time. For those who have tight schedule, this is the best partner for them.

New Fashion For Laptop Bags

New Fashion For Laptop Bags

New Fashion For Laptop

New Fashion Laptop

Laptop Bags fashion

laptop fashion

Top 10 Laptop Care Tips - to dramatically extend the life of your notebook

There are several things you really need to do to fit your laptop when you are trying to ensure that it takes a long time. From simple maintenance to a few minutes of your time can significantly prolong the life of your laptop and save a lot of money in exchange needs. With this simple and easy tips that will surely help you learn how to care for your laptop as a professional follow-up.

1) Notebook Lock - It may seem unnecessary, but blocks the laptop keeps everyone around you look at what works and make sure that nothing is private and stays that way. To lock your laptop with ease with everything you need to do is press the Windows key + L simultaneously and your laptop to hang. To unlock the handset, press Ctrl + Atl + Del and enter your password and return to exactly where they were.

2) Maintain ventilation - This means you need to check all vents in your laptop at least once a week to ensure they are clear and not blocked. Be sure not to squeeze into the ventilation holes, the safest way to clean these holes usually with a simple can of air that can be purchased at any computer supply store.

3) Check the fan - If the fan is not working properly, you big problems with your laptop overheating, which can lead to problems with the screen, memory or hard disk. To avoid this problem, make sure the fan is operating properly. If you are unsure whether the fan is operating properly, visit the laptop manufacturer's website, often you download software to be used for test purposes.

4) Keep your back burn to a minimum - a small detail, this can work if the experience will quickly realize the importance of this. To prevent this and ensure that your laptop is sufficient airflow to ensure that you have something like a table or similar surface hard to keep your laptop when you are.

5) Avoid soft spots - This is a problem common to many people, if you sit on the bench who can connect your laptop on a pillow on his lap. It may seem like a great idea, but can cause a big problem because it can reduce the airflow to the fans and leave the laptop due to heat up significantly.

6) keeping your laptop - While large laptop bags that are sold, is ideal for transporting your laptop is very important to your laptop before you actually in the bag. If you turn off your laptop may melt or catch fire potential.

7) The drinks carefully - If you are thinking of getting a drink, it is important to make sure your drink is so far from your laptop. Drinks and laptops to interfere in any event, whatever they drink.

8) Do the effects - If you want to move your laptop a bit, you should always ensure that you are on a solid surface that will protect unexpectedly kicked around. If the laptop is well protected, you can safely move, but if the laptop is not stable, turn it off before moving it.

9) Moisture is not your friend - no matter the cause of the moisture, you should do your best to protect your laptop from moisture. This can cause damage to the motherboard, and any damage to the screen.

10) Dust is the enemy of your computer - You must always ensure that your laptop is kept away from dust that can clog up fans and vents, even what your laptop will heat up considerably. To protect your laptop, it is important to find a way to protect your computer, such as maintenance on a table or desk.

New Gold Rings Models

New Gold Rings Models

Gold Rings Models

lates Gold Rings Models

New wedding Gold Rings Models

wedding Ring for women

New wedding ring for men

A specially designed wedding ring is one of the main aspects of the wedding party. Some traditional beliefs are inherent in making Wedding Ring thus making it even more special. That is why wedding ring is the latest in a series of gifts, also known as engagement ring, traditionally seen as an engagement present. In many European traditions such as wedding rings jewelry encourages the engraving of the name of one spouse and the planned date of his intended marriage on the inside of wedding rings, thus strengthening the bond of marriage if they become family heirlooms.

In the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Christians, the exchange of rings is not part of the usual wedding service, but the exchange takeover ceremony. It is always in the form of a two-ring ceremony. Traditionally the groom's ring of gold, and the bride's ring made of silver, while the exchange of the ring takes place and they have been further blessed by the priest with holy water. The priest blesses the groom with the bride's ring later and puts it on the ring finger of his right hand, he then blesses the bride and groom's ring and places it on her finger. The rings are then exchanged three times by a priest or the best man. The French Customs believes that a wedding ring with the words "Faith, Hope and Love" makes a unique wedding ring

Special Wedding Ring studded with diamond stones are in high demand because of their elegant stylish look. In many British wedding ceremonies, the best man solely responsible for the wedding ring of the pair, and later to produce them at the time when the traditional wedding ceremony.

New Hair Styles For Women

New Hair Styles For Women

Hair style for women

Women hair style

Women hair fashion

new Women hair style

Women sexy hair style

hair style

hair style ideas

hairstyle for saree

hairstyle games for girls

hairstyles for teenagers

Traditionally, Indian women used to wear long lustrous locks. Even if you want to style their hair, they need to avoid reducing their beautiful long hair.The good news is that neither they nor any other women need to cut their hair to the funky modern look! With long hair length is very popular in this season.There are many opportunities for women with long hair that refuses to sacrifice her long hair over style. Long hair has always had a place in the fashion industry, but this season it's just more pronounced than in previous years and is here to stay. But before I go for a radical change, you should type of hairstyle you want with your stylist first. 

                                                                                                                                       They are likely to know what hairstyle would suit you, keep in mind your hair type, personality, and the amount of time you want to invest in styling every day. how to create fun and happiness. If your lifestyle and work permits, you can go into a really funky, long hair. In a funky hairstyle, each layer with different lengths. Visible distinction makes her long hair with a crisp, modern look. If you were happy with something more discreet, layered hairstyle fine work for you. In this case, more layers and some areas are less well, but it's all mixed up in a clip. Although the hairstyle is not as daring as mentioned earlier about whether to help you rotate.

Something more mature woman could go for longer layers that maintain the length and fullness. Experts say this kind of hairstyle gives it an attractive and flexible feel themselves victim to add length and color experiments.

Cutting curly hair short internally, but keep the hair on the outside edge or long hair is a good choice. This makes hair more manageable and prevents frizziness and migration routes.

Use the correct form of anti-freeze product and leave in conditioner after every shampoo, styling products needed for curly hair.