Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elektra and the Seven-Legged Spider (with Some Dresden Dolls, to Boot)

Elektra has, in her words, "nine and a half" tattoos, and was kind enough to share two of them with us.

First up is this spider on her left thigh:

It's not a specific type of spider (sorry, arachnophiliacs) but it does have one glaring detail to note. It is missing a leg. And the spurt of blood indicates that the leg has recently been detached.

What's with that? Elektra says that she considers arachnids with a lost limb to be "lucky omens" ever since she was little. This tattoo, in a way, enables her to have good luck with her at all times.

She credits this work to Anthony Audy at Yankee Tattoo in Burlington, Vermont.

Elektra also explained the tattoo on her right thigh to me, and she agreed when I asked if she would share that as well:

Fans of The Dresden Dolls will recognize this as the band's logo.

Elektra explained that this was designed with blue and red ink to have a 3D effect, when healed. However, she confessed, she didn't take care of it as well as she should have, and the effect is muted. Rob Dixxx, formerly of Yankee Tattoo is the artist.

Added to this piece is the signature of Amanda Palmer, lead singer of the Dresden Dolls, who Elektra met one night, after the band tattoo had been done. A friend with a tattoo machine made the autograph permanent.

Thanks to Elektra for sharing her tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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