Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hair Coloring for natural hair

Hair Coloring Tips for natural hair Natural hair dyes are available in three different categories permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. One who has 50 per gray hair has to opt for the permanent one as it offers the most extensive coverage.

natural hair dye are prepared by mixing plant pigments with some amount of chemical fixatives. natural hair very good option for those who desire long-lasting natural hair , without the chemical overload

natural hair growth and prevent hair fall, massaging the natural hair and scalp with a good essential oil is a good solution. natural hair promotes blood circulation in the scalp, thus activating the hair follicle for hair growth. 

 natural hair vitamins and nutrients present in foods help in promoting hair growth

Other than these reasons for hair loss, nutritional deficiency and medical problems can lead to excessive loss of hair. 

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