Monday, September 13, 2010

Red hair color shades

Red hair color shades red shades of hair color are made from three basic colors, viz. yellow, red and blue. women with fair skin and Red hair color shades  very subtle red hair colors such as strawberry blond and cottar's should be opted for. Dark Red hair color shades should be avoided as they can make their skin look washed out. 

 Whole Red hair color shades have been fortunate enough to win the gene pool lottery and have a great natural red hair color shade, most have not. Red hair color shades for cool skin are all the violet based reds such as burgundy.

There are different many types of Red hair color shades for a woman can opt for such as auburn, bright copper and strawberry blond.A Red hair color shades tone should go in for auburn and light auburn Red hair color shades.

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