Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have faced racism as a white girl in bollywood: Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson, Prateik Babbar,
In a current interview to The Sun, Amy Jackson confesses her massive movie star status in India makes her feel like a princess. The Liverpool beauty has her own make-up artist, personal assistant, cook, driver, dance and language teachers in India.
Amy tells she cannot walk freely in the streets of Mumbai as she will be mobbed by her legions of loving fans. In fact, she describes her life in India as a mad whirlwind. But, she does not mind it as she has met the love of her life in co-star Prateik Babbar, with whom she lives together.
Amy also discloses there is a darker side to Bollywood. She tells she has faced racism as a white foreign girl in a bitchy and competitive industry. Amy confesses she receives nasty messages on Twitter especially from the older generation. Yet she is counting her blessings and tells she must be the luckiest girl in the world to reach where she has today.

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