Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kareena Kapoor is a one Crore item girl!

Kareena Kapoor adds a special touch to all she does. Hence, the end effect is magical. This is one reason why film makers are ready to shed crores on her.
The newest we hear is that a producer down south wants Kareena Kapoor to do an item number for him in his movie ‘Isai’, and is ready to pay her a crore.
Kareena’s ‘Kushi’ filmmaker, SJ Suryah is reportedly keen on casting Bebo in an item song in his film.

Tells a source from the industry, “Kareena is yet to confirm if she will be taking it up, nevertheless she has expressed a desire to listen to the song.”
Kareena is currently the most sought after actress in Bollywood and is on every director-producers wish list.
Will Kareena take up this offer?

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