Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rozlyn Khan poses completely naked in IPL support!

Rozlyn Khan, Dare and Bare act

Rozlyn Khan, Dare and Bare act

Rozlyn Khan, Dare and Bare act
In a swift move that could put goes nude in Poonam Pandey’s seemingly photo shopped ‘nude’ picture to shame, actress Rozlyn Khan has gone in for a full monty this week.

While Poonam never kept her promise about stripping when Team India won a year ago, she did a turnaround and put out an ‘apparently nude’ picture of hers on her Twitter this week, which on the face of it seems touched up and tampered with.

But this is not about Poonam – it is about the real bold Rozlyn Khan. In a live telecast a week ago, the girl had promised that she will go on a date with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and even do a bikini photoshoot with the cricketer, if his team won the Indian Premier League (IPL). But since it lost, Rozlyn went in for a full monty with the IPL logo on her butt to show her support; however naughty it is!

While the sensuous beauty has posed completely naked and flashed her butt and side boob in one picture, all she’s seen holding, is a bat and ball in another. But Rozlyn tells, “This is just an appetizer. Wait for the main course.” Ooo la la! If ‘this’ is the appetizer, wonder how scrumptious the main course can be! Lol.

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