Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vidya Balan receives a lot of criticism for her Lavani item song!

Sensuous Brahmin bomb Vidya Balan who turned voluptuous in 'Dirty Picture' and then as a caring mom in search of her husband in 'Kahaani' is on high with her popularity reaching the stars even crossing three khans of Bollywood. However if one thought that she turned sex bomb after turning dirty in 'Dirty Picture', then they are mistaken. Sources disclose that film makers of Ferrai Ki Sawari who are casting Vidya as item girl are not at all impressed with her performance.
It is heard that Vidya has been receiving a lot of criticism for her role as an item girl in the new film Ferrari Ki Sawari. The track which goes Mala Jau De... is a traditional Lavani number. Moreover, the talk is that Vidya was looking quite fat whereas item girls are expected to be slim and trim.
From her end, Vidya is confident that the song will remain a highlight for the movie. Vidya performed a lavani number as a Maharashtrian girl for the song called Mala jao dya na ghari. Praising the song, she added, “I can’t believe I got an opportunity to dance to this one. It’s so much of nautanki (entertainment), adaa (grace), nazaakat (elegance), so much of energy, so crazy.”

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