Friday, May 18, 2012

Karan Johar makes fun of Katrina Kaif’s poses!

Katrina Kaif, Director Karan Johar

Katrina Kaif, Director Karan Johar
Recently, news had it that filmmaker Karan Johar had taken a potshot on Katrina Kaif’s style of posing on magazine covers. However, when questioned, he denied making any such comments.
“Absolutely crazy media report suggesting I have said something about Katrina! I have not! Its totally baseless and a lie,” posted the 39-year-old.
If media reports are to go by, Karan Johar was overheard making fun of Katrina Kaif’s poses. Not jus that. Johar also mimicked a few of her poses.
Rubbishing all reports, Karan tells, “Katrina is not only a dear friend but also a supremely talented and hard-working superstar! And all this reportage is ridiculous,” he tweeted.

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