Saturday, May 26, 2012

Karishma’s husband Sunjay Kapoor is ready to marry again?

Sunjay Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor

Priya Sachdev

Karishma kapoor’s personal life is all rocky and not at all going smooth. The actress is said to be staying away from her husband, in Mumbai. Her husband lives in Delhi.

The latest buzz is that the actress’s husband is planning to marry again. The bride is apparently his good friend.

Sunjay Kapoor who is very close to Priya Sachdev, who is a model and socialite, now plans to take the relationship to the next level.

As a source is quoted as saying, “Sunjay and Priya appear to be extremely serious about each other. They want to keep their past behind and start anew.”

During the promotion of her latest film Dangerous Ishq, Karishma avoided all questions that revolved around her personal life.

Sunjay was earlier married to fashion designer Nandita Mahtani from whom he got a divorce just a few days before he tied the knot with Karisma.

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